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True Feelings of Van Gogh Paintings

24 Dec

It is not a visual image of what Van Gogh has saw. It is what he felt about things or views.

Road With Cypresses 1890

Road With Cypresses 1890

(image form http://www.artisoo.com)

It is not a visual image of what van Gogh has saw but what he felt about things or views.

I can see loneliness




Irises Beautiful Study by Vincent van Gogh

13 Nov

Vincent van Gogh painted Irises shortly after he voluntarily admitted himself into the St.-Paul-de-Mausole asylum in Saint-Remy, France. A place is abuzz with terrible cries and howls like beasts in a menagerie day and night, for there are some patients very seriously ill. There is no doubt that whoever goes there would feel panic-stricken. When Vincent van Gogh was sent there, he must be afraid of being these seriously patient. He had to paint to eliminate the horror in his heart.

During the first month of his confinement, Vincent van Gogh was permitted to work in the men’s quarters, the only area he can continue to paint. Irises were painted in the garden to the south of the only area. Vincent van Gogh told his brother that he got along well with his fellows, they liked to see him painting, and they would leave if he required. For more please visit http://www.artisoo.com