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Tim Tebow Is A Great Athlete

19 Apr

A team like Seattle should have given Tebow a chance to compete for a backup position. I thought Carroll wanted competition.  I’ve never seen a group of NFL Head Coaches and QB coaches soooooo scared in my life nfl jersey.  I thought these people were actually coaches who know what they are doing, if it’s about money say so.  These guys can’t coach and can’t evaluate talent and that goes with gullible sports writers.  Tim has been put, not through his own fault, into an unusual situation.  He is a hard worker and keeps himself out of trouble, which is more than I can say for many other NFL players nfl jerseys from china.  I’ve never liked cowards; players, coaches,  general managers or sports writers.  What the h— is going on with this league.

Tim Tebow played well for the broncs and got stiffed in ny, in part because of a coach who didnt want him and doesnt believe in passing anyway plus a weird O coach, not to mention an ineffectual QB coach (see Sanchez). Both of the latter are gone and if tebow’s lucky he’ll be elsewhere soon. I watched the guy in training camp last year and the notion he can’t pass is BS seattle seahawks jersey. He throws more accurately on deep balls than anybody else on the team. Inaccurate on shorter throws but isnt that helped by coaching and reps?

Tebow could be an all-pro at H-back or TE, but the window of opportunity for moving him there is just about closed.

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