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Baroque Painting Danae 1643 by Rembrandt Van Rijin

22 Sep

In this baroque painting sale, Danae is lying on her in the bed, naked. It is obvious that she is pregnant in this painting reproduction. Her left hand is on the pillow, but she stretches forth right hand, which seems that she is waiting something or hopes someone can save her. Her eyes are full of eagerness.

The Nightwatch 1642

The Nightwatch 1642


At the same time, in the deep of her eyes, we can find her desperation. She doesn’t know who can help her and what she can do. The only thing she can do is waiting. Refer to Rembrandt‘s life at that time, his painting The Nightwatch offended the rich and powerful families so that less and less people bought his paintings. As a result, he could not make ends meet. For him, he had the same situation with Danae. He didn’t know how to change the situation. He was also looking forward to changing. This great job shows his mood and situation at that time. For more please visit http://www.artisoo.com


Oil painting reproduction: Rembrandt Van Rijn Christ In The Storm 1633 – Artisoo.com

21 Jun

In late 1631, moving permanently to Amsterdam, Rembrandt established his studio in the art dealer Hendrick van Uylenburgh’s premises. Their joint business venture capitalized on the growing market for portraits and history paintings by Dutch artists. Rembrandt immediately became the most prominent painter of portraits, introducing greater subtlety, presence and animation to the genre, as well as innovative group portraits. Many students came to the van Uylenburgh “academy” to be trained in Rembrandt’s manner of painting, including Jacob Backer, Govaert Flinck and Ferdinand Bol. In 1634 Rembrandt married van Uylenburgh’s niece, Saskia van Uylenburgh.

For believers, owning sacred religious art, paintings is a way of enhancing, embracing, and strengthening faith. Religious paintings take many forms and have been a popular way of connecting with faith for thousands of years. In fact, religious images were painted by many of the renowned artists of the Renaissance period. Despite its age, religious themed artwork does not look dated. Instead, images representing Christ, angels, and scenes from the Old Testament are iconic images that still manage to enrapture and thrill modern art lovers.

Christ In The Storm 1633

Religious Oil Paintings & Rembrandt Van Rijn Oil Paintings

Oil painting reproduction: Rembrandt Van Rijn Christ In The Storm 1633 – Artisoo.com.