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Da Vinci Leaves Words about Mona Lisa

24 Feb

Ron said, “In fact, Mona Lisa reproduction represents envy. It is quite surprising, because everyone thinks Da Vinci never leaves words about Mona Lisa. But now, it seems that he apparently left clues.” Ron also explained the unnatural bending of Mona Lisa’s right hand. He said, “This shows her contempt, meaning that she can use her own strength to oppose the God.” The eyes of Mona Lisa and the shadow patterns around her nose are like a palm tree. Then Ron said, “The painter hurts her eyes with a palm branch and olive branch and harms her ears with the laurel and the cherry tree. The triumph and truth is disgusting for Mona Lisa.” Ron said that he found similar hidden images in the paintings of the famous painter Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo, and other Renaissance masters.

It is reported that Mona Lisa is began to be painted in 1503 by Da Vinci reproductions and currently preserved in Louvre Paris. The painting Mona Lisa draws many speculations and various theories. In 2010, the Italy National Cultural Heritage Committee claimed that they found letters and numbers in the eyes of Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

In later posts, let’s talk about Fernando Botero reproductions.



Italian Renaissance Heroes Leonardo Da Vinci

18 Feb

Leonardo Da Vinci, spending his whole life for scientific research and artistic practice, the Mona Lisa reflected the painter’s observation of nature in a scientific thinking, which was the most prestigious portrait masterpiece in the history of western painting reproductions.

In this painting Mona Lisa looked very elegant and calm with a meaningful smile. The painter sought to demonstrate the richness of life and multifaceted personality psychology, and studied the smiles of facial muscles and psychological changes and reflections when relaxing from two aspects: anatomy and physiology. He depicted an ideal beauty in a specific character.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

The hands were portrayed delicate, rich and dynamic. Eyes, mouth and hands were ingeniously combined with soft shadows. The background was also treated properly with difference on the left and right perspective, making the whole picture more vivid.

In later posts, let’s talk about Ivan Aivazovsky.

Beautiful Portrait Mona Lisa

25 Sep

From the smiling of painting Mona Lisa, I see the contradiction and freedom from the nature development. At the premise of freedom, the fundamental way is to let people work hard and develop, so that the efficiency of the society will be high. The birth place of Mona Lisa Portrait for sale —The West, I have not been there before and I don’t know more about it. We can see that the modern Chinese society. The whole Country is filled with the idea of money first. At least, money is on the premise of all negotiations. 

Mona Lisa (Detail)

Mona Lisa (Detail)

Due to both its freedom idea showing the loser’s willing and satisfaction, also the achiever’s pride and happiness. Those are the entire reasons for different kinds of smiling from people.