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Oil painting reproduction: Vincent Van Gogh Church at Auvers – Artisoo.com

20 Jun

Living Room Oil Paintings

Most often in a home, the living room is the most used room of all. For this reason a living room should feel comfortable and inviting. Abstract art, landscape and seascape oil paintings are good choice. An abstract oil painting can stir emotions in all of us if we can look deeper into the colors, lines, and movement of the art. For a bold statement you may want to look at red abstract art. Landscapes and seascapes oil paintings are soothing and comforting. They also expand a room, especially if they have a horizon line off in the distance of the picture or if it is a window scene.

Church at Auvers artisoo

Oil painting reproduction: Vincent Van Gogh Church at Auvers – Artisoo.com.


Oil painting reproduction: Sonia Delaunay Icarus – Artisoo.com

18 Jun

Sonia Delaunay Oil Paintings

Sonia Delaunay was a true Renaissance woman of many talents and aspirations. Although she found incredible successes in her life as a wife, mother, socialite, businesswoman and artist, she often lived in the shadow of her husband, Robert Delaunay. It was only decades after her husband’s death that Sonia Delaunay acquired the attention and appreciation that she fully deserved. As a vanguard of the modern female artist movement, Sonia exerted an influence upon the world of art and culture that remains unforgettable and momentous.

Sonia Delaunay was born Sophie Stern on November 14 1885 in Gradzihsk, Ukraine. She moved to Paris in 1905 to study art at Academie de la Palette. Along with her husband Robert Delaunay and others she cofounded the Orphism art movement, best known for its use of geometric shapes and eye-catching colours. Her love of collage inspired Delaunay to combine her skills in fine art with applied arts to experiment with texture and colour combinations in fabric designs. Delaunay began this experimentation in 1913 but it was the Russian Revolution of 1917 which forced her into the apparel business. To support her family, Delaunay opened a boutique “Casa Sonia”, in Madrid, Spain where her family had been living during the First World War. Creating and selling clothing and accessories became Sonia’s life and she became well known for her unusual motifs and colours which enveloped the body, it was said that her clothing became a moving painting. In 1921 she returned to Paris after having closed her boutique to design for private clients as well as couturiers such as Jacques Doucet, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel and Jacques Heim. Over these years she experimented with textiles, embroidery and designing with wool which led onto her swimsuit creations which have became well known and loved as influential 20th century Modernist design.


Oil painting reproduction: Sonia Delaunay Icarus – Artisoo.com.

Oil painting reproduction: Michelangelo Buonarroti Tomb of Pope Julius II – Artisoo.com

17 Jun

Perhaps few things can equal the still beauty of architecture. For years, building has been an enticing subject for painters to undertake in their work. At Artisoo, we appreciate the subtle artistic qualities buildings and structures exude. In our oil painting collection of buildings and structures, we really appreciate the architectural designs that are present in our everyday lives.


Tomb of Pope Julius II


Oil painting reproduction: Michelangelo Buonarroti Tomb of Pope Julius II – Artisoo.com.

Richard Bennett Exhibits Oil Paintings at Somers Library

6 Jun

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Richard Bennett now lives in Heritage Hills in Somers with his wife. He majored in art at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. During his professional career, he was a graphic designer at several design firms and at NBC. As a freelance illustrator, he did oil paintings for numerous magazines and newspapers including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Richard Bennett will be exhibiting a collection of hand painted oil paintings at the Somers Library during the month of June.

Bennett now concentrates on working in oil painting. Recently, he has been exploring scenes of everyday life and baseball. He has exhibited in area art shows including the Hudson River Museum. In addition, he has a painting in a juried show at the Hammond Museum in North Salem.

The artist is an active member of the Katonah Museum Art Association.


oil painting reproductions

Mrs Richard Bennett Lloyd 1776 oil paintings