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Battle of Anghiari by da Vinci

3 Mar

In da Vinci’s era, Battle of Anghiari was recognized as a greatest masterpiece reproduction. In 1504, already 52-year-old da Vinci and the young Michelangelo was ordered to depict magnificent war scenes in Weijiao Palace of Florence. The carefully created mural was referred to as Battle of Anghiari, which was full of the atrocities of war。

In the middle of the 16th Century, the Medici family seized the domination of Florence again. The painter Giorgio Vasari was ordered to renovate and draw six new war murals on the wall. From then on, Battle of Anghiari mysteriously disappeared.

The Battle of Anghiari

The Battle of Anghiari

In later posts, we will talk about Claude Oscar Monet paintings.


Italian Renaissance Heroes Leonardo Da Vinci

18 Feb

Leonardo Da Vinci, spending his whole life for scientific research and artistic practice, the Mona Lisa reflected the painter’s observation of nature in a scientific thinking, which was the most prestigious portrait masterpiece in the history of western painting reproductions.

In this painting Mona Lisa looked very elegant and calm with a meaningful smile. The painter sought to demonstrate the richness of life and multifaceted personality psychology, and studied the smiles of facial muscles and psychological changes and reflections when relaxing from two aspects: anatomy and physiology. He depicted an ideal beauty in a specific character.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

The hands were portrayed delicate, rich and dynamic. Eyes, mouth and hands were ingeniously combined with soft shadows. The background was also treated properly with difference on the left and right perspective, making the whole picture more vivid.

In later posts, let’s talk about Ivan Aivazovsky.

Renoir Drew Inspiration From a Variety of Sources

27 Dec

As we all know, Pierre Auguste Renoir is an artist best known for his depictions of pretty children, flowers, pleasant scenes, curvy women and beautiful village.

Here are five of Renoir’s paintings, which had inspirited a thousand and a thousand people.

1. Mlle Irene Cahen D’Anvers 1880 

It was a sideway portrait made for a famous banker’s daughter 8-year-old daughter Irene.

Mlle Irene Cahen D'Anvers 1880

Mlle Irene Cahen D’Anvers 1880

2. Flowers in a Vase

Flowers In A Vase

Flowers In A Vase

3. Ball at the Moulin De La Galette 1876

It was an open-air scene, crowded with people, at a popular dance garden on the Butte Montmartre.

Ball At The Moulin De La Galette 1876

Ball At The Moulin De La Galette 1876

4. After Bathing Seated Female Nude

After Bathing Seated Female Nude

After Bathing Seated Female Nude

5. Village By The Sea 1889

Village By The Sea 1889

Village By The Sea 1889

images from http://www.artisoo.com

Italian painter Gentile da Fabriano Renaissance Painting

29 Aug

Adoration of the Magi shows the impacts that international and Sienese schools make on Gentile’s art. Fabriano combines his painting style with the Renaissance new styles. This work describes the three Magi are on their way to the large meeting with the Virgin Mary and the Jesus. As we can see from this painting, all the figures are in splendid and delightful costumes. Adoration of the Magi is the most common themes in the paintings of the Renaissance.

The figures portrayed are the well-dressed king, courtiers and attendants as well as animals like horses, cattle and sheep. The colors of the entire Fabriano painting including people, animals and environment are resplendent and magnificent. This actually depicts the luxury scene of knight etiquette in middle ages so as to beautify and eulogize the pious feelings of the nobility to the Virgin Mary and the Jesus.

Adoration of the Magi

Adoration of the Magi





The Purplish Blue Color I’ve Found in Famous Oil Painting

24 Jul

There are the amazing blue color. I am just wondering what colors can I mix to produce the pruplish blue

1. Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh

As we both know, Starring Night, one of the famous van gogh paintings owns the beautiful color blue too.


Cafe Terrace at Night



2. Fishing Boats, Key West by Winslow Homer

A great harbor scenes oil art. And that is quite a correspondence in the sky blue and sea blue. 


Fishing Boats, Key West



3. One of the Post-impressionism art by Paul Gauguin 


Paul Gauguin

4. A Birch Grove 3 by Arkhip Kuindzhi

This is the famous landscapes with amazing blue.


a birch grove 3

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