Battle of Anghiari by da Vinci

3 Mar

In da Vinci’s era, Battle of Anghiari was recognized as a greatest masterpiece reproduction. In 1504, already 52-year-old da Vinci and the young Michelangelo was ordered to depict magnificent war scenes in Weijiao Palace of Florence. The carefully created mural was referred to as Battle of Anghiari, which was full of the atrocities of war。

In the middle of the 16th Century, the Medici family seized the domination of Florence again. The painter Giorgio Vasari was ordered to renovate and draw six new war murals on the wall. From then on, Battle of Anghiari mysteriously disappeared.

The Battle of Anghiari

The Battle of Anghiari

In later posts, we will talk about Claude Oscar Monet paintings.


The Expanding Network of Cross-border Retail and Made in China

26 Feb

An opportunity to the empire of manufacturing

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In the cross-border e-commerce, most of the top-selling products in China are imitations, which constitutes copyright infringement. As we all know, that China is the empire of manufacture. But why couldn’t help any company build it into a global brand? It is worth while to discuss. 

Not only for the large scale business enterprise, but also the sole proprietorship or partnership company should be done with a brand consciousness. What can branding bring to us? There is already an actual example. A small enterprise, who has registered its own brand and trademark, was estimated an annual turnover of $500 000 through establish a web site and promote it among north America. The gross profit rate of products is up to 75%, in contrast to 8% gross profit rate of OEM manufacturing. It is a big surprise!

It is not a easy job to establish a brand within…

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Da Vinci Leaves Words about Mona Lisa

24 Feb

Ron said, “In fact, Mona Lisa reproduction represents envy. It is quite surprising, because everyone thinks Da Vinci never leaves words about Mona Lisa. But now, it seems that he apparently left clues.” Ron also explained the unnatural bending of Mona Lisa’s right hand. He said, “This shows her contempt, meaning that she can use her own strength to oppose the God.” The eyes of Mona Lisa and the shadow patterns around her nose are like a palm tree. Then Ron said, “The painter hurts her eyes with a palm branch and olive branch and harms her ears with the laurel and the cherry tree. The triumph and truth is disgusting for Mona Lisa.” Ron said that he found similar hidden images in the paintings of the famous painter Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo, and other Renaissance masters.

It is reported that Mona Lisa is began to be painted in 1503 by Da Vinci reproductions and currently preserved in Louvre Paris. The painting Mona Lisa draws many speculations and various theories. In 2010, the Italy National Cultural Heritage Committee claimed that they found letters and numbers in the eyes of Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

In later posts, let’s talk about Fernando Botero reproductions.


Italian Renaissance Heroes Leonardo Da Vinci

18 Feb

Leonardo Da Vinci, spending his whole life for scientific research and artistic practice, the Mona Lisa reflected the painter’s observation of nature in a scientific thinking, which was the most prestigious portrait masterpiece in the history of western painting reproductions.

In this painting Mona Lisa looked very elegant and calm with a meaningful smile. The painter sought to demonstrate the richness of life and multifaceted personality psychology, and studied the smiles of facial muscles and psychological changes and reflections when relaxing from two aspects: anatomy and physiology. He depicted an ideal beauty in a specific character.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

The hands were portrayed delicate, rich and dynamic. Eyes, mouth and hands were ingeniously combined with soft shadows. The background was also treated properly with difference on the left and right perspective, making the whole picture more vivid.

In later posts, let’s talk about Ivan Aivazovsky.

Shyleaco: A Pioneer of the French Romantic Painting

12 Feb

Shyleaco was born in Lyon of France, Shyleaco came to study painting in Paris at the age of 15. Deeply influenced by the predecessors, he had created some romanticism works.

Although Shyleaco’s life was short, his lifetime was filled with passion, fantasy and pains, all of which were reflected in his works. He excelled at expressing peoples inner feelings in a realistic approach. All the subjects of his work were made from real life and had removed all nonessential things.

Joseph's Bloody Coat Brought to Jacob

Joseph’s Bloody Coat Brought to Jacob

In later posts, let’s talk about Edgar Degas.

Girl on a Swing, Weaving Dream | Oil Painting Blog

11 Feb

Girl on a Swing, Weaving Dream | Oil Painting Blog.

Edouard Manet a French Painter

27 Jan

Edouard Manet has far-reaching influence on French painting and the general development of modern art

was due to his portrayal of everyday subject matter.

Here are five of the cafe/bar scene of Manet paintings.

images from

1. A bar at the folies bergere 1882

A bar at the folies bergere 1882

A bar at the folies bergere 1882


2. at the caf

at the caf

at the caf


3. at the cafe concert

at the cafe concert

at the cafe concert


4. corner of a cafe concert 1880

corner of a cafe concert 1880

corner of a cafe concert 1880


5. interior of a caf

interior of a caf

interior of a caf