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Famous English Aestheticism by Frederic Leighton

15 Aug

The painting Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles by the Sea was painted by Frederic Leighton in 1871, which was first shown at the Royal College of Art Gallery. The Leighton painting revealed the scene that full of dramatical effect. The four voluptuous young women with well-proportioned and beautiful body, were just like a goddess in the ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Their turban and cloak were blown away by the wind and looked like the halo behind the gods, giving a sense of holy reverence.

Frederic Leighton became symbol of English Royal Academicism through his the glorious artistic style. Different from the famous painters of the Victorian era painting, Leighton, as the president of the Painting Academy, was not a student of the Academy of Fine Arts, nor received education in his homeland. He studied and learned art off and on in Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt. Leiden’s father was a classical art lover, he made a profound impact on young Leighton. Leiden. At the age of just 9, Leighton started to paint.


Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles

Greek Girls Picking up Pebbles