The Expanding Network of Cross-border Retail and Made in China

26 Feb

An opportunity to the empire of manufacturing

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In the cross-border e-commerce, most of the top-selling products in China are imitations, which constitutes copyright infringement. As we all know, that China is the empire of manufacture. But why couldn’t help any company build it into a global brand? It is worth while to discuss. 

Not only for the large scale business enterprise, but also the sole proprietorship or partnership company should be done with a brand consciousness. What can branding bring to us? There is already an actual example. A small enterprise, who has registered its own brand and trademark, was estimated an annual turnover of $500 000 through establish a web site and promote it among north America. The gross profit rate of products is up to 75%, in contrast to 8% gross profit rate of OEM manufacturing. It is a big surprise!

It is not a easy job to establish a brand within…

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