Italian Renaissance Heroes Leonardo Da Vinci

18 Feb

Leonardo Da Vinci, spending his whole life for scientific research and artistic practice, the Mona Lisa reflected the painter’s observation of nature in a scientific thinking, which was the most prestigious portrait masterpiece in the history of western painting reproductions.

In this painting Mona Lisa looked very elegant and calm with a meaningful smile. The painter sought to demonstrate the richness of life and multifaceted personality psychology, and studied the smiles of facial muscles and psychological changes and reflections when relaxing from two aspects: anatomy and physiology. He depicted an ideal beauty in a specific character.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

The hands were portrayed delicate, rich and dynamic. Eyes, mouth and hands were ingeniously combined with soft shadows. The background was also treated properly with difference on the left and right perspective, making the whole picture more vivid.

In later posts, let’s talk about Ivan Aivazovsky.


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