Real Portraits by Rene Magritte

20 Nov

Man In A Bowler Hat was made in 1964, which was actually a self-portrait. This portrait painting measures 63.5 X 48 cm which is now owned by a private person in New York (Simone Witherspoon Swan). The gentleman in a bowler hat wearing a black coat was Magritte himself. He used a dove accidentally flying through his face to cover his face. By his own account, he was quite different from most surrealist painters in Paris and despised using colors for portraits. He just wanted to tell the audience that the portrait was just an ordinary middle-class citizen. Since he never drew others, painting himself was actually in violation of the cases. Sometimes, turning one’s face away was using accidental things to block. This was another feature of his surrealist portraits. For more please visit

Man In A Bowler Hat

Man In A Bowler Hat


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