The Beauty of Art by Vincent Van Gogh

4 Nov

The bodies of these leave begin to twist without losing their original features. But on the upper left corner of the Vincent van Gogh painting, there are more tiny spots of red irises with the slightly darker colors in the bottom. Does it predict the dark places on the high?

And it forms the composition echoing with the color of land in the lower left corner. At the same time, the usage of these colors makes the whole floral painting with a very clear color level. The painting of the soul is the use of light, so that the whole picture is full of vigor. In the oil painting Van Gogh has painted a white iris which looks noble and very abrupt. Plus the drawing of iris leaves is very soft. For more please visit




One Response to “The Beauty of Art by Vincent Van Gogh”

  1. eyegawker November 4, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    I like his use of colour to break up the picture plane into different fragments, allowing the eye of the viewer to wander until it rests on the white iris

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