The Blonde Lover in Picasso Paintings

30 Oct

This Picasso painting is with very beautiful curves and rich colors, and behind it there is a fascinating story. In January 1927, Picasso who was 45 years old met Walter 17 years younger than him in a subway station of Paris.

Although Picasso had married with the Russian ballet dancer Olga Khokhlva for nearly 10 years and had a 5-year-old son, he still held Walter’s arms, said, “I am Picasso! You and I will make good things together.” From then on, Walter became a great painter’s Secret lover. In 1932, Picasso exhibited Reading in Paris and had won wide acclaim. Later this surrealism painting was bought by an American collector. But Olga also revealed that his husband’s cheat on her in the half-naked posture of the painting. Soon, she left Picasso with a son, but until she died in 1955, she and Picasso had not officially divorced. For more please visit

Reading 1932

Reading 1932


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