Vincent van Gogh Contribution to the Impressionism of the Modern Painting

25 Oct

Vincent Van Gogh usually engaged in religious activities in his youth, and his life changed a lot after he devoted himself to the buy van gogh painting, which aroused his burning passion and interest. And when his first most outstanding paintings was created he found that his life the life of passion. One of Van Gogh’s most famous works is Sunflowers completed in 1888. In this painting, the color yellow delivers the feeling of vitality just like the sun. These sunflowers were put in a vase and under the rich vitality brushwork of Van Gogh the flowers together with the beautiful sunshine reflects the sense of hope. Van Gogh was able to show the pure beauty of the nature for he loved the nature so much.

Van Gogh loved sunflowers and the sunflowers in his painting for sale have pure color and simple modeling. The main color in the painting is yellow plus some blue and green. For more please visit


Cafe Terrace at Night

Cafe Terrace at Night


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