Another Outstanding Portrait of Da Vinci

11 Oct

This exquisite portrait painting sale depicting the noble and calm Cecilia Gallerani is one of the four pieces of female works of da Vinci (the remaining three are Mona Lisa,  The Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci and La belle ferronnière). The process of shading is the most attractive part in this portrait paintings for sale whose light and shadow show the elegant skull and soft face of Cecilia.

Da Vinci frequently theoretically elaborates the illumination of the interior face light source. Moreover, da Vinci paintings reproduction is strongly against the light and shadow contrast and uses chiaroscuro (the equalization of light and shade) to create the indirect lighting. Indirect lighting is enabled by a screen or wall to reflect the light. For more please visit

Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani

Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani


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