Secrets in the Painting Mona Lisa

8 Oct

This painter named Ron Piccirillo was 37 years old. In turning Mona Lisa over, Ron happened to notice the images of buffalo. In the following two months, he concentrated on the study of Da Vinci‘s journals and drew the conclusion of hiding animal images. Ron declared that this painting represented the envy, which was one of the seven deadly sins.

Ron said, “In fact, Mona Lisa represents envy. It is quite surprising, because everyone thinks Da Vinci never leaves words about Mona Lisa. But now, it seems that he apparently left clues.” Ron also explained the unnatural bending of Mona Lisa’s right hand. He said, “This shows her contempt, meaning that she can use her own strength to oppose the God.” The eyes of Mona Lisa and the shadow patterns around her nose are like a palm tree. Then Ron said, “The painter hurts her eyes with a palm branch and olive branch and harms her ears with the laurel and the cherry tree. The triumph and truth is disgusting for Mona Lisa. ” Ron said that he found similar hidden images in the paintings of the famous painter Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo, and other Renaissance masters. For more please visit


Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa




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