Childe Harold by William Turner

9 Sep

The best buy oil paintings of Turner were also transparent, bright and sparkling as his watercolor landscapes to buy. In his old age, he was dedicated to pursue the effects of lights. The moving crumb composed of fog, steam, sunshine, water and fire on the screen and the rising up fireworks represented the rhythm nearly to abstract paintings, the works, for instance, “The fire to cruise”, “The big western railway-rain, steam and speed” and the “Ship wreck” were all belong to this case.

Therefore, William Turner painting reproduction was considered as the Pioneer of the French Impressionist. His romantic landscapes could not be separated form the romantic works of the British literature in 19th century. The romantic poets like Byron and Shelley were active in the British literary world and also had relationships with William. The landscape Childe Harold of William was just based on the poem of Byron.

Childe Harold

Childe Harold

William was hard at painting through his whole life until 1850, but apparently more indulgent about the uses of color. He died at his own house due to senile depression in December 19, 1851 in Chelsea. For more please visit



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