The Last Painting of Gustav Klimt

22 Aug

The creative background of The bride was in the year before Gustav Klimt’s death. At the time, he also felt his caducity and death. In his last creation, this unfinished works seemed to be the end of his own emotional life and creative life.

But what we saw was the bride leant on the groom tightly. Coquettish female body images on the left and right directly by the desire of the female body connected to form the whole picture. Was this like the relationship with Klimt and Emily in true life? Although Klimt for women, the pursuit of desire is so direct and strong, whatever Emily was the tenderest and intimate Süsses Mädel for him forever. Of course, Klimt also realized this. For him, the woman who made him cause the desire, the woman he only can love and never caused the desire were complete different. But Emily was the woman who Klimt can cause the desire. Like the art scholar of history Hans Tietze said Klimt need the love so much. But he also refused the satisfaction. He can not complete certain his own love which made him dared not to take the responsibility of happiness. Every expression in his eyes showed this secret, pain and intense for the love.

The Bride by Gustav Klimt

The Bride by Gustav Klimt


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