Exploration of Surrealism: The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh

5 Aug

When talking about The Night Cafe, Van Gogh said, “I try to use the red and green to show the terrible passion of humans.” The Night Cafe is the nightmare which is composed of dark green ceiling, read walls and inharmonious green furniture. With a longitudinal perspective, the golden yellow floors are getting into the red background with an incredible belief. In turn, the red background is also using the equal power.

The result is a claustrophobic, terror and oppressed feeling terrible experience. The work means the exploration of surrealism as a fantastic way. But there is no kind of exploration which can have such power to excite people mind.

The passion of Vincent Van Gogh painting comes from the world in which he lives, and the strong reaction of people that he has known. This is not a simple reaction made by primitive people or children. His letter to write to his brother Theo is the most touching story of an artist.


The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh, wall art for sale, oil paintings

The Night Cafe

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