The Basic Elements in Picasso Cubism

2 Aug

In the analysis of Picasso Cubist paintings, images were reduced to their basic elements, which were decomposed into many small pieces. Picasso took these blocks as constituent elements and constructed the new order of images and space. He connected the strokes to obtain a clear picture structure, reflecting a rigorous and rational painting procedure.

Bottle Glass Violin was made by Picasso in 1912. From 1912, Picasso turned to the drawing experiment of synthetic cubism. The pictures clearly showed this new style. In this picture, people can distinguish several graphs based on ordinary reality of images: a bottle, a glass and a violin. Here, the focus of attention of the painter was still the basic form.

The collage art language was the main symbol of cubist paintings. Picasso once said, “Even if from the aesthetic perspective, people also prefer cubism. But the paper paste is the real core people have found.”

Bottle Glass Violin by Picasso

Bottle Glass Violin by Picasso

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