Leonardo da Vinci Artwork St Mary and Her Mother

9 Jul

The Virgin and Child with St Anne was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci on 1510. It is Oil on wood and measures 168 x 130 cm (5 1/2 x 4 1/2 ft.). The original one is now located at Musée du Louvre, Paris. Since the birth of this oil painting, it has been popular among the majority of people in the world.

This work is well famous for its complicated composition. Here the painter let St Mary sit in her mother’s knees. Although the grandmother St Anne was very young, the figure of St Anne was too large to bear this weight. But St Anne showed a kind smile to her naughty little grandson—Jesus (Jesus was trying to break down from his mother and ride the lamb). Mary seemed to have sat in an easy chair to reach out to hold Jesus. This kind of mood transfer was not very coordinated. Although all the figures were treated compact, they did not look natural and lively.

Da Vinci focused on the image of St Anne and her elaborate facial expressions. Although her female smile formula was revealed, da Vinci still pursued the highest realistic aesthetic ideal as he did in all the unknown secrets in the nature. He once said, “Nature is so popular among people and even for the same kind of trees, there is never a tree the same as itself. People also can not find another individual the same as himself.” Da Vinci required the painter to be a natural son. In his view, science and art belonged to the process of knowing the world. And this was the value of the Renaissance period.


Virgin and Child with St Anne

Virgin and Child with St Anne


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