Hard to Make a Definition of Decorative Painting

6 Jul

In general, it refers to the painting with decorative significance and independent art form. Decorative painting differs from the ordinary pattern and picture in that it has the appreciation and decorative value to meet people’s needs for decoration. Decorative painting is defined in Fine Arts volume of the Encyclopedia as follows: decorative painting is characterized by the focus on appreciation of content, certain exaggeration in the pattern and spatial correlation in color, which generally does not emphasize the true light shadow and perspective in the three-dimensional space.

Rather than trying to figure out what the painting looks like, just allow yourself to be taken in by the painting. See what emotions, sensations or memories emerge. Let your eyes relax and travel around the piece without expectation. Examine the colors, forms, materials, surface, and how they interact with each other. Take your time. Let the painting “speak” to you. Notice how the various elements like shape, color and form affect you. An intricately detailed, vibrant painting will affect you differently than a calm, cool Malevich.

It can be divided into figure decorative painting, home decorative painting, etc, in terms of the nature, it can be divided into abstract decorative painting, modern decorative painting, from the production material, it can be divided into oil painting, dynamic painting, wooden painting and photography painting, in production method, it can be divided into print decorative painting, mounting decorative painting and hand made decorative painting.

oil painting

oil painting


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