What If Come Out Against Homosexuality In The NFL

10 May

It’s now official.  If you come out against homosexuality in the NFL you will likely be fined and sent to  “sensitivity training”. cheap nfl jerseys The thought police are in full force.  Sure you have the right to voice your opinion.  It’s just that we will punish you if you do.

Something is immoral if it hurts someone else.  Consensual adult sex, of any sort, doesn’t hurt anyone, therefore it’s not immoral nfl jerseys usa.  You don’t have the right to harass other people because of their sexuality.  How would you like it if people started hammering you because of your sexuality?

Be that as it may, the reality is, with the exception of females (as a result of technology), homosexuality will eventually stamp you out of existence colts jersey. Pro religion people can argue “sanctity of marriage” which is nonsense on so many levels esp when you look at the divorce rate. I don’t judge people based off their sexual preference, but on how they treat me as a person eagles jersey.



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